Bachelor of Theology (B.TH.)

The B.Th. is a 4-year program providing theological and practical training in preparation for the pastoral ministry. In addition, and in order to broaden
his or her general knowledge, the student takes one third of his or her courses at one of the neighboring liberal arts institutions. In cooperation with Haigazian University and the Lebanese American University, a Normal Diploma in Education may be obtained in addition to the B.Th. degree.

a. Academic Prerequisites

4-year program: 120 credits + 4 practicums

1. For Non-Lebanese students
  1. Bacc. I or equivalent
  2. A minimum score of 500 in the E.E.E. or T.O.E.F.L.
3-year program: 90 credits + 4 practicums

2. For Lebanese and others
  1. Bacc. II or equivalent
  2. A minimum score of 500 in the E.E.E. or T.O.E.F.L.

b. Required Courses

  Old Testament Credits
BI 251 Introduction to O.T. (I) 3
BI 252 Introduction to O.T. (II) 3
BI 301-309 (One O.T. Exegesis course) 3
BI Elective 3

  New Testament  
BI 255 Introduction to N.T. 3
BI 256 The Synoptic Gospels 3
BI 311-319 (One N.T. Exegesis course) 3
BI 352 Elective 3

  Church History  
HI 251 Introduction to Church History (I) 3
HI 355 History of the Reformation 3
HI 351-354/361 (One Eastern Church History course) or 381/382 (One Ecumenics course) 3

  Systematic Theology  
ST 251 Introduction to Systematic Theology (I) 3
ST 252 Introduction to Systematic Theology (II) 3
ST Elective 3
ET Elective 3

  Practical Theology (3 Units) 
PR 218-220 Field Education 3
PR 252 Worship & Liturgy 3
PR 255 Introduction to Preaching 3
PR 318 Pastor & Parish  3
PR 215 or 216 Teaching Bible O.T or N.T 3
PR 362 Pastoral Care & Counseling 3

IS 251 Introduction to Islam 3
IS 306 Christian–Muslim Relations 3

c. Electives at N.E.S.T.

d. Practicums
(one hour per week, non-credit course)

 P1 Study and Research Skills  
P2 Speech and Homiletics  

e. Liberal Arts Courses

BI 211-212 Biblical Hebrew 6
 BI 215-216 Biblical Greek  6
  Intercultural Studies  3

  Total: 3-year program 90

  Students in the 4-year program must take 30 additional credits from the following list of Elective courses:  
  Arabic/Armenian, English Language and Literature; History, Intercultural Studies, Introduction to Psychology, Introduction to Philosophy, Philosophy of Religion, Introduction to Sociology, Education, or other courses approved by the Advisor.  
  Total: 4-year program  120