Academic Regulations

Regular attendance is expected in all classes. Occasional absences will involve no penalty, but the student is responsible to inform him/herself concerning the material presented during the class period which was missed, as well as to keep up with the assignments. Repeated absences without valid excuse may result in failure of the course. Absence from announced tests or examinations is not tolerated except with legitimate reason, such as illness or bereavement.

In order that the student have a complete picture of the nature of a given course and of the work and requirements which will be involved, the teacher is responsible at the beginning of each course to distribute to the members of the class a syllabus or outline of the entire course, indicating the required exams, papers and reading assignments.

The final exam takes place at the end of the course work and aims to test the student's overall ability to master the total subject matter of the course. The final exam may take a variety of forms as the teacher deems appropriate, such as a 2-hour written exam, a “take-home” exam, an oral exam or a research paper. In any case, the semester grade will be based not only on the final exam but also on the student's performance throughout the semester, i.e., essays, quizzes, class discussions, reading, reports, etc.

Candidates transferring from recognized institutions of higher learning are eligible for considerations for admission subject to the following conditions:
  • That they have completed a class equivalent in standard to the Freshman class of a recognized institution of higher learning
  • That they satisfy the English Entrance Examination or T.O.E.F.L.
  • That they do at least 50% of the work (courses, credits) at NEST
Cases of transfers are to be considered on an individual basis by the Faculty.