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News & Events

Public Lectures

What Does Climate Change Have to Do with the Christian Faith?

Thursday, May 04 2023

Music and Art as Media in Interreligious Encounters

Thursday, December 08 2022

Israel and Christ Revisiting Romans 9-11

Thursday, May 05 2022

The Church in the Public Sphere

Thursday, April 21 2022

We Choose Abundant Life

Thursday, December 09 2021

Sin, Business Ethics, and the Lebanese Thawra: What the Church Can Say Now

Thursday, February 13 2020

Christianity on the Margins: the Case of Mormons

Thursday, January 16 2020

“Paul’s Letters: The Archaeology of their First Recipients and the Responsibility of their Modern Readers”

Thursday, May 23 2019

“John the Baptist and Jesus in Light of the Dead Sea Scrolls”

Thursday, March 21 2019

“For God and al-Watan: Lebanese Women Authors, Activists, and Preachers in the Nineteenth-Century Nahda”

Thursday, February 21 2019

“Friendship with God in a Secular Age”

Thursday, January 17 2019

“Is There Really a Contradiction between Faith and Reason?”

Thursday, December 13 2018

Julia Dimashqiyya and the Protestant Influence on Women’s Rights in Lebanon

Thursday, October 18 2018

Lies, Sex and Politicians

Thursday, May 17 2018


Bible Engagement: The Discovery of Faith, Hope and Self

Thursday, March 19 2020

Le Christ arabe (المسيح العربي) Pour une théologie chrétienne de la convivialité

Thursday, April 11 2019

الإسلام دين ودولة

Tuesday, November 13 2018

هل من اسلام معتدل واسلام متطرف؟

Thursday, March 01 2018

Continuing Education Seminar

Continuing Education Seminar

Monday, June 04 2018

The Book of Job: A sufferer in the Middle East

Monday, September 04 2017


Awareness and Action against Gender Based Violence in Church and Society

Thursday, February 09 2023

Visit to Saint Michael's Orthodox Monastery in Mazraat el Nahr

Saturday, November 05 2022

دبلوم إفتراضية في الدراسات اللاهوتية

Saturday, October 01 2022

The Opening Convocation for the 2022 - 2023 Academic Year

Monday, September 26 2022

Graduation June 11,2022

Saturday, June 11 2022


Thursday, April 21 2022

دبلوم إفتراضيّة في الدراسات اللاهوتيّة

Friday, December 10 2021

The Bailey Chapel- Dedication Service

Wednesday, November 24 2021

The Opening Convocation for the 2021 - 2022 Academic Year

Monday, September 27 2021

Eighty-eighth Commencement Service of the Near East School of Theology

Saturday, June 12 2021

In Memory of Sevag Trashian 1978-2020

Monday, November 02 2020

The Opening Convocation for the 2020 - 2021 Academic Year.

Monday, September 28 2020

NEST Recovery Initiative

Friday, August 07 2020

Inauguration of The Grace Chapel

Saturday, February 15 2020

Commencement June 2019

Saturday, June 15 2019

Cedar Tree Planting

Tuesday, June 11 2019

N.E.S.T.-Bochum Agreement of Exchange

Tuesday, April 23 2019

Ordination of Reine Boghos

Monday, December 17 2018

صفحات منسية من تاريخ صيدا العثمانية

Thursday, November 29 2018

Installation of Aram Babajanian

Sunday, September 16 2018

Update from the Presbyterian Church of Canada

Tuesday, June 05 2018

Spiritual Retreat

Saturday, May 05 2018

John Calvin and NEST's 85th Anniversary

Saturday, November 11 2017


Sunday, December 04 2016

Visit to Saint Michael's Orthodox Monastery in Mazraat el Nahr

Sunday, November 20 0005