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Cutting Edge of Mission Award

This year’s Cutting Edge of Mission was awarded to Dr. George Sabra. Dr. Sabra is a Professor of Systemic Theology and President of the Near East School of Theology (NEST) in Beirut, Lebanon who engages in reflection, research and discussion concerning peace, justice, human rights and inter-religious dialogue. His focus on promoting Muslim-Christian dialogue draws attention to the need to address religious extremism.

Dr. Sabra reflected on the nature and causes of religious extremism, expressing his concern with overly simplistic explanations that reduce complex situations to a single cause. Instead, he expressed a need to confront religious extremism and dismantle it. He highlighted the critical role of women, developing a culture of self-reflection and fostering an environment of pluralism. Recognizing those best placed to dismantle religious extremism are those within that religion, he explained how the Near East School of Theology is playing a facilitating role to confront Islamic extremism.

“Through our cooperation and dialogue with Muslims—institutions and scholars and intellectuals—we promote the role of women in church and society; we engage in dialogue with Muslims on all kinds of issues, but especially on theological, spiritual and religious issues, and we bring together Muslims who are at odds with each other —Sunnis and Shi’is—to dialogue critically among themselves and with us on matters that ultimately relate to our common life together.”