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Master of Arts in Christian Eucation (M.A.C.E.)


The M.A.C.E. is a graduate degree preparing the student for a leadership role in the ministry of the church or church-related schools or organizations.

a. Prerequisites

  1.  A B.A.C.E.. degree or the B.Th. or B.Th./B.Th.C.E. from N.E.S.T. or equivalent.
  2.  English language proficiency must be demonstrated upon request (500 score in E.E.E. or in T.O.E.F.L.)
  3.  a. Fundamentals of Education.
       b. Introduction to Psychology.

b. Required Courses

  Old Testament Credits
OT 251 Introduction to O.T. (I) 3
OT 252 Introduction to O.T. (II) 3
OTEX 301-309/321-329 (One O.T. Exegesis course Hebrew or English) 3
OT 351 O.T. Theology 3

  New Testament  
NT 255 Introduction to N.T. 3
NT 256 The Synoptic Gospels 3
NTEX 311-319/331-339 (One N.T. Exegesis course Greek or English) 3
NT 352 N.T. Theology 3

  Church History  
HI 251 Introduction to Church History (I) 3
HI 252 Introduction to Church History (II) 3
HI 351-354 or 361 (One Eastern Church History) or 381-382 (One Ecumenics course) 3

  Systematic Theology  
ST 251 Introduction to Systematic Theology (I) 3
ST 252 Introduction to Systematic Theology (II) 3
ST 301-305 One major Doctrine 3
ET 255 Christian Ethics or ET 315/381-384 (One Church & Society course) 3

  Practical Theology  
PT 252 Worship & Liturgy 3
PT 250 Church Music or  
 PT 352 Fundamentals of Musicianship 3
PT 362 Pastoral Care & Counseling  3

  Islamics & History of Religions  
IS 251 Rise and Development of Islam 3
IS 306 Christian–Muslim Relations  3

  Christian Education  
CE 201 History and Philosophy of Christian Education 3
CE 215 or 216 Teaching the Bible O.T. or  
  Teaching the Bible N.T. 3
CE 242 Audio-Visual Aids (or equivalent) 3
CE 311 Teaching Ministry with Children 3
CE 312 Teaching Ministry with Youth 3
CE 313 Teaching Ministry with Adults 3
CE 328 or 341 Administration and Supervision of Christian Education or Leadership Training 3

c. Electives

  Students must select 9 credits in Practical Theology and/or Christian Education. With the permission of the Advisor, electives may be taken from other departments. 9
  Total 90

d. Practicums (one hour per week, non-credit course)

  P1 Study and Research Skills

For students with a B.Th.C.E., appropriate courses will be offered to avoid any duplication.