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Theological Review ISSN LE 0379-9557

The Theological Review of the Near East School of Theology is a semi-annual journal of theology. In its present form it began in 1978, but it is the continuation of the Near East School of Theology Quarterly.

The Theological Review publishes articles and book reviews on any theological topic but priority is given to themes that relate to Christianity in the Middle East or articles written by M.E. scholars. The principal language is English, but articles and book reviews are occasionally accepted in Arabic and/or French.

We circulate around 300 copies. Our subscription fees are $40 (forty US dollars) per year (one volume, two issues).  Special rates for agents, please contact:

Maruzella Abboud
Editorial Secretary
Theological Review
Near East School of Theology
P.O.Box 13-5780, Chouran
Beirut 1102 2070, Lebanon

Mode of Payment

-  Bank Transfer to: Byblos Bank S.A.L., Bliss Branch, Beirut, Lebanon
   US$ Account #: 475-2100883-008 (Near East School of Theology)
   Byblos Bank Swift Code: BYBALBBX
   IBAN: LB 43 003900000004752100883008

Checks should be made to the order of the Near East School of Theology and drawn to a bank in New York, and mailed to the Near East School of Theology, P.O. Box 13-5780 Chouran, Beirut 1102 2070, Beirut, Lebanon.

In cash at the office of the Editorial Secretary, Ms Maruzella Abboud, Near East School of Theology, Sourati Street, Hamra Area, Beirut, Lebanon.


 Index of Articles and Book Reviews

Instruction for authors:  


Manuscripts and articles should be submitted to: 
George Sabra
NEST Theological Review

Microsoft Office Word (.doc) should be used for typing the document.

All documents should be double spaced and typed in 12-point,  standard, Times New Roman Font. No borders and shading. Citations should be included in the text as footnotes (no endnotes) and must include complete citation information. Please use the reference insertion from your toolbar to insert footnotes. Citations should follow the Chicago Manual of Style; samples are given below. All direct quotes must be cited.     

The author guarantees that all quotes are accurately spelled and precisely quoted from the source material.


For books:
1 Stephen B.  Penrose, That They May Have Life: The Story of the American  University of Beirut 1866-1941. (Beirut: The American  University of Beirut, 1970), 4.
2 Lyman Abbot, What Christianity Means To  Me: A Spiritual Autobiography (New York: The MacMillan Company, 1921),  20.

For articles:
3 Jose Miguez  Bonino, "Whose Human Rights?"  International Review of Mission LXVI (1977),  222.

For internet articles
4 John Calvin, Institutes 4.1.2 trans. Henry Beveridge.,
accessed 1  December 2009.

Subsequent references  to a previously cited book:
5 Penrose, That  They May Have Life, 5.
6 Abbot, What Christianity Means  To   Me,  16.       

Subsequent references  to a previously cited article:
7 Bonino, "Whose Human Rights?", 223.